First of all, start from the premise that you should never feel ashamed or embarrassed of something you do or you have to do to be comfortable.

Life is too short to keep compromising and making sacrifices. Wherever you are, if you’re not comfortable doing something, don’t do it. Or if something bothers you, do whatever you need to create comfort for yourself.

For example, a woman’s biggest problem in my opinion is her shoes being uncomfortable and hurting her feet. In which case, you should never stand there agonizing. You do more harm if you try to resist the pain and keep suffering. Your feet are sensitive and should be treated with care, not tortured. There are some shoes in this world that are designed based on a hatred for feet and having the main purpose to kill them. I have endured too much pain like that in my life and I just put a stop on it. The health of my feet are always more important than any event and any issue of what someone might think of me if I take my shoes off. I also have extremely sensitive feet (and a very weird size 37 ½ – the length of size 38 and the width of size 37 and it’s hard by default to find comfy shoes that actually fit) and almost any shoe hurts them, especially at the summer – fall transition from sandals to flats. It destroys my feet. Which is why I got tired of so much pain, so wherever I am, if my feet hurt, I will take off my shoes instantly, regardless of what people might think or comment. I couldn’t care less. I won’t take the risk of losing my toenails (again) just because people will look at me weird.

For example at work, spending 8 hours with my shoes on is a huge challenge for me. Lately, I keep very comfortable shoes or slippers or flip-flops at the office to wear during work, but just before I came up with this idea, I was at work one day, with some new pretty leather shoes (another thing is that I have always worn very good quality shoes because my mom said that cheap footwear will damage your feet in time) and after 2 hours I just couldn’t take it anymore. My feet were almost bleeding and I just had to take them off. So in lack of any other solution, I made some very funny improvised slippers to wear for the rest of the day. They were hilarious, but life-saving at the same time. Ever since that day, I always keep some back-up comfy shoes at the office, in my car and sometimes in my bag. Because you never know when you need them.

It is said that a lady should be strong and resist the pains of fashion, but I strongly disagree. A real woman should choose and find a way to be fashionable, putting her comfort first.

In the past few years, my priority was comfort. I did anything to be as comfortable as possible in my home and my life, as well as when I went out. I stopped wearing high heels every day, I stopped wearing make-up every day, I stopped straightening or curling my hair every day, I stopped doing my nails at the salon with gels and other harmful substances. It may sound like I gave up on myself, but I consider it like I’m taking more care of myself this way. I prioritize the events where I really should look flawless and let me tell you, those events are very rare.

Ever since I stopped wearing high heels, I have had significantly less back pains. Giving up the daily make-up routine, I can actually feel my skin smoother, softer and healthier. My hair is so healthy, everyone compliments me and asks me what’s the secret. I personally haven’t seen a girl or a woman over 14 years old with healthy hair in the last 10 years. Everyone has split ends or very dry hair due to excessive use of hair devices and products. Well, trust me, I haven’t had a split end in almost 5 years because I haven’t dyed my hair since and the only electrical device I use is the hair dryer (extremely rare, like once every 3 months when it’s an emergency and I have to go out immediately after the shower) and the only hair product I use except shampoo and conditioner obviously is the dry shampoo (again only in case of emergency if I have to go out and don’t have time to wash my hair). I usually wash my hair once a week, rarely twice a week. It used to be very oily in the past, but in the last 5 years it got “fixed” and I don’t have any kinds of problems anymore.

My nails are a whole different story. They are naturally very bad and soft and I used to use gel so they can look like a woman’s nails. No nail polish in this world lasts more than 4 hours on my nails, whatever I do. So I was tired of putting nail polish every single day and in the least favorable moments, it would chip and look like s***. But I gave up both the gel and the nail polish. I keep them natural and I love it. They look like a child’s nails, but I’m never stressed about chipping the nail polish or breaking my gel-nail. They are always clean and natural, qualities that are always appreciated.

So, comfort is good. That’s what I have been trying to point out. You can always still look stylish and beautiful, without all the useless efforts. Be natural. As much as I love and appreciate fashion and all things related, I find it more important to be myself and keep it real. What you see is what you get. That’s one of my mottos.

Everything in this blog will be about being true to yourself, being natural, honest and keeping it real.

So if you live by the same principles, we’ll get along perfectly.