ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a very relaxing, pleasing tingling sensation you can feel on your skin, down your spine, starting from your scalp. It is mostly visual or audio induced, but it can also be triggered by a variety of other stimuli. It resembles a little bit with that feeling when you get goose bumps, but it’s a lot stronger. The sensation instantly relaxes your body and gives you a state of peace and serenity, but the best feeling is when it seems like a tingling in your brain. It’s very intense.

The ASMR phenomenon is relatively new, although the feeling was present since forever for a lot of people, but no one could explain it. It is said that ASMR is connected in some ways to Auditory-tactile synesthesia, which gives the same kind of sensations.
So although a lot of people don’t experience these sort of sensations and obviously they cannot understand it, it is a real thing.
One of the best examples is Bob Ross, a famous and beloved American artist who hosted a TV show in the 80’s where he was teaching painting tricks. In my research, I found a lot of people who were saying they felt relaxed when they were hearing Bob Ross talking in his shows. So that is ASMR.
I personally always felt relaxed ever since I was little whenever there was a person next to me talking in a soft voice or reading a book or typing. I never gave the feeling any attention and never searched for explanations. I thought it was normal and everyone felt that in one way or another, but when I asked people if they have these sensations and talked about it, I started thinking I was the only one experiencing these kinds of tingles. I never knew the effect was actually so common in the world and so many people feel it. None of my friends or family experience it so obviously they never understood me with this.

I discovered by mistake that it’s actually common, thanks to a commercial on Youtube where the guy had a very soft voice and relaxed me. So it gave me the idea to look for other videos or recordings of people who talk very soft. That’s how I found Rob’s Hypnosis, a channel on Youtube with a guy who was talking about different things but in a very smooth and relaxing voice. And after I listened to his videos over and over again, I found a variety of related ones with people talking softly, all having a common name – ASMR. So after researching the term, I learned that many people feel relaxed in various situations like when someone talks very low or someone is typing on their laptop or computer or phone or in some other cases, like when they are at the doctor, getting a check-up or an examination or at the library, when the librarian talks very soft, they get those tingling relaxing sensations. Some of the most common videos found on the internet are the ones with doctor roleplays, where they also use some other sound triggers or trigger words besides their soft voices. So there are a lot of very good videos that literally knock you out, especially when you are tired and have difficulty falling asleep, you just listen to that and instantly doze out.

The phenomenon got very well known in the past years and formed a huge community on Youtube. I am so glad I discovered it. There are maybe millions of specialized videos now with all sorts of sounds and visual effects that can relax you. The people who make the videos are brilliantly called ASMRtists and they are very inventive in finding new triggers every time.

This is a list of some of my personal favorite ASMRtists (not in that particular order):

asmrbylisa –

(Fe)MaleASMR –

ASMR Mania English –

VisualSounds1 ASMR –

Dr. T ASMR –

softlygaloshes –

Gentle Whispering ASMR –

MassageASMR –

If you try this, you have to do it with an open heart. If you are skeptical from the beginning, you will find it silly and will never understand the phenomenon.

Anther mention is the fact that ASMRtists started doing binaural 3D videos. They use high-tech microphones to create flawless sounds and eliminate the white noise, so it’s very effective for the experience.

Here is also a selection of my favorite all-time ASMR videos (again not in a particular order):
*Some of the following videos are just some medical examinations videos with so called non-intentional ASMR.

Cranial Nerve Examination –

Upper Limb Neuro –

Diabetic Foot Examination –

ASMR Ear to Ear Whispering & Inaudible Sounds – Hand Movements –

Page Turning & Whispering Ear to Ear for Relaxation, Sleep & ASMR –

ASMR Video. Role play. الدرس العربية Teacher. Lesson Arabic. ASMR Sound 3D. Relaxing Female Voice –

ASMR Sleep Session Lip Smacking –

Whisper: Sleep… series 4 n1… hypnosis, meditation, relaxation –

Prime numbers up to 1000- asmr –

ASMR Role Play Medical Exam Ears Relaxing Whisper –

Trigger Word Assortment – Ear-to-Ear – Word Repetition, – Whisper/Soft Spoken – ASMR –

Cranial Nerve Exam –

Cranial Nerve Examination Example –

ASMR Ear Cupping OVERLOAD! (3D, binaural, ear to ear, whispered) –